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Good day Jamran family
due to some personal reason
i would like to inform everyone , that the server will be not available for atleast 1or 2 month(s).

this is due to the following reason
1. the server is running with low population
2. I as admin can no longer handle the server for now, due to some personal issues

the server will be offline but the data willl be saved
you cannot enter the game for a while
but the machine is running and live

the , is to stop reason for server offline any changes to our database,(character database)
once we are up again, the data will be intact and accurate.

I tried my best to take time , balance the time between games and life
but, yeah, I need to choose my family first and settle some health problems
before we come back again

Game Server Will be Offline Temporarily Starting March 29, 2021
And will resume on  April or May 30, 2021

thank you very much

-Jamran Admin-

P.S. you can still login in ur website, and register even if the Game Server is Off,

Thanks again!

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